This summer I had a fun summer doing swimming. I went to Seward Park. It was really fun splashing each other and playing games. I would love to go back to swimming again. We played games and got water bottles. We were doing tons of fun things like going to Genesee Park, kayaking, paddle boarding, and rock climbing.

    I made a lot of friends. One of the ways I did this is I participated on the ice breakers for Four Corners. I had to be sneaky when I was moving corners.

    I enjoied UPower because the competition made it exciting and fun and motivating. One thing I learned about is a medicine ball, running with them.

    I enjoied the Aquarium because the plants that were in the water were really cool. And also we seen an octopus and jellyfish and some really cool things there.

    I feel happy when I am in the program.