My favorite field trip was rock climbing. It was something new.

    When we got there we had to take a ten minute hike to get to the mountain. The instructors were very nice and showed us how to climb and helped me put on the harness with my skirt on. If it wasn’t for Horn of Africa Services, I would have never done this.

    When we started climbing, it started to rain. I felt really scared. Then it stopped so we continued to climb. Me [and my friends] went with one of the instructors to go rappelling. [My friend] went first, and once [my friend] went down it was my turn. Then we heard thunder so we had to go back to the others.

When we got back, we saw [one of our friends] stuck on the mountain. One of the instructors had to come and get her down. The thunder got louder so we couldn’t climb any more. We went on a three mile hike and saw a waterfall. It started raining during the hike.

I learned that rock climbing is a hard sport, and I would have never done this if it weren’t for HOAS.