Here at Horn of Africa Services I met new people, got to do fun things, and saw new wildlife. So, I feel like I will come next year not knowing what will happen.

    One of my favorite field trips was rock climbing. Where we climb up a real rock wall, and it even got harder when the sky started to pour on us. Another favorite field trip was hiking up a mountain. What made this great was I was able to play Pokemon Go while we hiked.

    These trips changed my lifestyle in little ways. Like I’ve been more willing to move around and play sports. I've also been encouraging my folks to go hiking and swimming.

    The people in the program are fun-going people. We have ups and downs with some people, but in the end we are all friends. And I can’t wait to see new people next year.

    In conclusion, my feelings about the program is we all have fun no matter what we do. It’s just a fun place to be, and I will be coming next year.