My favorite field trip during the Summer Program was stand up paddle boarding in Mount Baker. The field trip was very active.

    Something that the field trip taught me was how to paddle board. When you learned how to paddle it got a lot better, you could have gone faster as soon as you learned to paddle.

    On the day we went, it was really sunny. The perfect weather. As soon as the lifeguard released us to the water, I was really uneasy. I shuffled a little, then got in the perfect position to start. I started paddling and then fell to my knees - SPLASH!

    I looked around and saw [one of my friends] drop in the water. She was screaming “Help!” All of the volunteers come and they realized she just fell off the board. They told her to calm down. They grabbed her hand and pulled [her up]. That was the funniest moment of the program so far.

    I learned that if it wasn’t for HOAS, I would have never tried anything new.