What I've liked about Horn of Africa Services so far was being able to rock climb and kayak because it made me feel like I could do anything.

    In the first week, we did surveys around the community and played games. In the second week, we hiked Little Si and the trails at Seward Park, and swam at the lake. We also started to create our D.I.Y. games.

    In the third week, we learned how to kayak and paddle board at Genesee Park. We also swam there. We also worked on our D.I.Y. games and played them. And we went to the Seattle Aquarium.

    During the fourth week, we climbed a wall of rocks with Peak 7 and hiked to see a waterfall in the pouring rain. We also climbed with Seattle Bouldering Project, and played charades.

    Overall, I felt that the program so far was fun and cool because I got to try and do things I’ve never done before or thought I could do.