Do you like hiking, sports, swimming, and making new friends? This summer program is totally 4 U!

    My favorite activity was kayaking. Water sports are my favorite because it’s fun. If you fall off then you could swim back to your kayak and start to kayak again.

    Playing outside was another fun activity because we played soccer, basketball, and D.I.Y. games. We also played a lot of other games.

    Going to field trips was also fun. In the end of the program, you get to vote for a field trip that you want to go to. We chose to go to Rainier Beach [Community Center].

    This summer was probably the bestest summer ever. It was lit. 100!!!



    My favorite thing to do was watersports because I love swimming and anything involved with water. My favorite thing to do through the whole week was kayaking and paddle boarding.

    I liked seeing people fall and complain about the mud on the ground and say it was too mushy. I also like when other people and I raced with the kayaks.

    Kayaking may look easy, but it’s really hard to push the water with the paddle. When I was paddle boarding, it was not as hard as kayaking because it was easy to turn and paddle. But the struggle was not getting stuck. Other than that, it was lit.

    I like pretty much everything about water sports week because I like anything that involves water and sports. It was soooooo lit.

    LIT!! <3



    This summer I went hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and kayaking. This week we are going farming! My favorite week was swimming and kayaking! :)

    Hiking was fun! It was fun because at Seward Park we saw the oldest tree and went swimming! But then after we were tired because there was a big hill to go up and a lot of walking. :( But I would do it again! :D

    I LOVED kayaking and swimming! I really liked it because it was a new experience! But it was scary because I didn’t know how to swim or how to go kayaking, but now I got it!

    Rock climbing was tiring. It was tiring because it was slippery and it hurt. The outdoor one was really cold and rainy, so it was hard to climb. The indoor one was painful because the shoes were uncomfortable and my fingers got scratched up. :(



    This summer I had a fun summer doing swimming. I went to Seward Park. It was really fun splashing each other and playing games. I would love to go back to swimming again. We played games and got water bottles. We were doing tons of fun things like going to Genesee Park, kayaking, paddle boarding, and rock climbing.

    I made a lot of friends. One of the ways I did this is I participated on the ice breakers for Four Corners. I had to be sneaky when I was moving corners.

    I enjoied UPower because the competition made it exciting and fun and motivating. One thing I learned about is a medicine ball, running with them.

    I enjoied the Aquarium because the plants that were in the water were really cool. And also we seen an octopus and jellyfish and some really cool things there.

    I feel happy when I am in the program.



    Here at Horn of Africa Services I met new people, got to do fun things, and saw new wildlife. So, I feel like I will come next year not knowing what will happen.

    One of my favorite field trips was rock climbing. Where we climb up a real rock wall, and it even got harder when the sky started to pour on us. Another favorite field trip was hiking up a mountain. What made this great was I was able to play Pokemon Go while we hiked.

    These trips changed my lifestyle in little ways. Like I’ve been more willing to move around and play sports. I've also been encouraging my folks to go hiking and swimming.

    The people in the program are fun-going people. We have ups and downs with some people, but in the end we are all friends. And I can’t wait to see new people next year.

    In conclusion, my feelings about the program is we all have fun no matter what we do. It’s just a fun place to be, and I will be coming next year.


    This program has let me do things that I have always wanted to do but was too lazy, like stand up paddleboarding, hiking, and rock climbing.

    Stand up paddle boarding was amazing. Without the program I never would have found out how much I enjoy stand up paddle boarding. Now I might be branching out to water sports.

    Hiking. Hiking I thought was going to be super boring but the trip has changed my perspective. Now when I think hiking, I think calming. Now I want to be hiking all the time. I actually loved the sense of accomplishment when I got to the top.

    Rock climbing was the best experience. I always loved climbing but only trees. But this program got me serious about it, now I know where I can go to climb.

    This summer program has shown me that there’s more to life than just video games.



    This summer I was in the Horn of Africa Services program and it was fun and educational.

    SPORTS. First, I want to focus on sports. We did a lot of physical activity. We did a relay race with UPower and water sports.

    FIELD TRIP. Field trips this year were awesome. We saw a lot  of things, like fish when we went to the Aquarium.

    COOKING. Cooking was fun. We really learned about healthy eating and creativity. A lot of vegetables and we made a lovely dessert.

    I think this program should be more popular.



    I had a great summer. Here are some things I did. I played soccer, played capture the flag, and played stand up paddle boarding.

    My favorite field trip was stand up paddle boarding. It was scary at first. Then when I tried not to be scared, it wasn’t scary any more and it was fun.

    My favorite sport and game to play is soccer. I play it a lot. I know how to play, we should play soccer more.

    My second favorite game is capture the flag. We should play it more. We won’t argue anymore.

    This program taught me there is more to life than play, but we have to help and respect the environment.



    This summer program is fun for me because I tried new things during this program. In this summer program my favorite field trips were kayaking, rock climbing, and aquarium. We went to Genesee Park to go kayaking. It was my first time kayaking and it was hard but it is fun and I would do it again. The funny story was when [one of my friends], trying to get onto the paddle board, kept falling off.

    We went to Seattle Bouldering Project to rock climb. I was impressed when [one of my friends] got to the top of the wall. I was really proud of myself when I got to the top of the castle.



    My favorite field trip was rock climbing. It was something new.

    When we got there we had to take a ten minute hike to get to the mountain. The instructors were very nice and showed us how to climb and helped me put on the harness with my skirt on. If it wasn’t for Horn of Africa Services, I would have never done this.

    When we started climbing, it started to rain. I felt really scared. Then it stopped so we continued to climb. Me [and my friends] went with one of the instructors to go rappelling. [My friend] went first, and once [my friend] went down it was my turn. Then we heard thunder so we had to go back to the others.

When we got back, we saw [one of our friends] stuck on the mountain. One of the instructors had to come and get her down. The thunder got louder so we couldn’t climb any more. We went on a three mile hike and saw a waterfall. It started raining during the hike.

I learned that rock climbing is a hard sport, and I would have never done this if it weren’t for HOAS.  



    What I've liked about Horn of Africa Services so far was being able to rock climb and kayak because it made me feel like I could do anything.

    In the first week, we did surveys around the community and played games. In the second week, we hiked Little Si and the trails at Seward Park, and swam at the lake. We also started to create our D.I.Y. games.

    In the third week, we learned how to kayak and paddle board at Genesee Park. We also swam there. We also worked on our D.I.Y. games and played them. And we went to the Seattle Aquarium.

    During the fourth week, we climbed a wall of rocks with Peak 7 and hiked to see a waterfall in the pouring rain. We also climbed with Seattle Bouldering Project, and played charades.

    Overall, I felt that the program so far was fun and cool because I got to try and do things I’ve never done before or thought I could do.



    Today I will be talking about my fave field trips. This summer was really fun.

    My favorite field trip was rock climbing with Peak 7. The car ride there was lit, but long. Rock climbing was scary but worth the experience.

    Also one field trip I enjoied was kayaking. It was fun but the set-up took forever. Kayaking that time was my first time.

    My final field trip I loved was hiking. I loved it because I caught pokemon, and it was the last time I saw Aric.



    My favorite field trip during the Summer Program was stand up paddle boarding in Mount Baker. The field trip was very active.

    Something that the field trip taught me was how to paddle board. When you learned how to paddle it got a lot better, you could have gone faster as soon as you learned to paddle.

    On the day we went, it was really sunny. The perfect weather. As soon as the lifeguard released us to the water, I was really uneasy. I shuffled a little, then got in the perfect position to start. I started paddling and then fell to my knees - SPLASH!

    I looked around and saw [one of my friends] drop in the water. She was screaming “Help!” All of the volunteers come and they realized she just fell off the board. They told her to calm down. They grabbed her hand and pulled [her up]. That was the funniest moment of the program so far.

    I learned that if it wasn’t for HOAS, I would have never tried anything new.