Current open positions

Are you eager to make impact in people's life by helping underserved population in our society?

Are experienced working with low-income families, immigrants, and people of color?

Do you appreciate difference, and believe the power of diversity?

Do you have ability to find common ground, when difference is only what seems is visible?

   Join Horn of Africa Services team! 

Welcome to Horn of Africa Services. 

Delivering Exceptional Services rooted in Culture to Community in languages. 

Decades of committed services to East Africa Communities in Seattle, and King County, Washington.

Getting services through translator is good, but many useful parts of communication can be lost between the translations. Therefore, it is evidently better to be served where language fluency and proficiency as well as cultural awareness truly achieved. 

Since its foundation in 1992 HOAS is providing services through culture lens.

Are you first generation immigrant from East African countries with different immigration types such as refugees, and asylum, or under other immigration types, or second generation who need in language services that are rooted in your culture?

HOAS is here to help you by filling culture and language gaps.  Please talk to us, our wonderful  

Employment and Resume writing workshops 

We host employment preparation and resume writing workshops throughout the year. We are more than happy to have you as an attendant or volunteer to help community. 

If you wanted to attend, or volunteer please click here to contact us. 

Our team feel, hear and understand you!

Are you worried you feel, speak, or pray differently, don't worry! HOAS team is made up of widely diversified community members, so that one of us feels you, hear you and pray like you. 

Covid-19 Updates in Washington State

As the nation we have been able to control covid-19, However the virus is still here. Therefore, we all have responsibilities to fulfil to continue coordinated fight against the virus. 

Therefore, get vaccinated/remember to get fully vaccinated and encourage others to do so, get tested if you have covid-19 symptom/s and isolate follow isolation protocols. 

Remember: Covid-19 is steal deadly virus.

Do you need more information on covid-19 in Washington State. Please click here to get updated information from Washington State Department of Health