Child Abuse vs Child Discipling 

The difference between child discipling and child abuse can be sometime not easy to differentiate. Sometime childcare providers abuse child while they honestly trying to discipline their child.

The difference can also be different from place to place and from society to society. Therefore, childcare providers and parents need be aware of their actions. Not because it is illegal, but also from the child's life perspectives. 

Parents can use many tips to discipline their child including: time-out, 

When we talk about child one thing that we need to be mindful is about the child's brain. one of the very critical knowledge is child is called child because their mind is under development. Therefore, care provider need to be mindful, as their may be problem in both direction: assuming child as adult, and addressing child always in the same-way even when their is significant growth difference. 

We need to address child as child when they are child and as they grow our communication should be able change its shape. Knowing when our know adult child was baby means not we have address him today as a child. As they grow children demand us to change the way we address them. 

There are easy tips to identify if discipling cross border to be abusive. If one of the following is detected the care providers with parents, guardian, childcare provider is abusive. 

a. If childcare providers physically injured the child it is abusive rather than discipling. Where physical injuries can: bruising,  cut or broking of skin, swelling or a situation that requires medical attention.

Punishment is meant to instill fear rather than to educate the child Caretaker, whether a parent, guardian or school official, loses control Action is inappropriate for the child’s age Action results from a caretaker’s unreasonable demands or expectations for the child

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