Welcome to HOAS Community Education and Family Management page 

This program include many areas of the services we provide to the community. 
To better help you understand our work in this program, the program is further divided into four further sub-programs. 

           1.  Community Education
           2. System navigation
           3. Social Connection
           4.  Family Management 

Community Education: 

This focuses on create awareness among the community regarding current issues, for example how the community will protect against Covid-19. We can also teach our community issues that exist in our society and how to cope with it, and how to do progressive work to solve existing problem. For example: social injustice, and police brutality. Additionally, we create more knowledge amount our community on wide subjects. some of the issue covered in this are: Public Health, safely interacting with law enforcement, wise use of utility services, and many more. 

System Navigation:

In system navigation, the community will be made aware of the services available, requirement of accessing each services, and responsibilities of those receiving services.  Some of these services are, low income housing, rental assistance, daycare assistance, health meal program, transportation assistance, unemployment benefits, employees rights and responsibilities, affordable health insurance, college financing options are some of the areas we cover 

Social Connection:  this program is intended to create healthy society by creating community with strong interpersonal interaction, and actively engaged in things that matters. such as actively participate in voting, getting involved in local community, and speak about their concerns. 

Family Management: This sub-program intended to create parents who are well aware of how to care for their child/ren. This include; appropriate care through different developmental ages, right communication with kids, importance of two parents, support for single family support, importance of kinship care, how to overcome challenges of raising kids in new country. 

  If you need to be part of this program, please contact us.