Do you want to meet our Team?

You can contact our team to discuss your need, their contact information is provided below for you to get their professional services from our team. Please keep the communication to during the regular working hours and limit the communication to professional only. 

Tsegaye Gebru

Executive Director
[email protected]

Firomsa Geleta

Early Learning program Manager 
[email protected]
(206) 451 - 3229

Yohannes Beshi

Youth Development program Manager
[email protected]
(206) 319 - 6838

Elfnesh Woldu

Social Services Program Manager 
[email protected] (206) 451 - 0322

Eskedar Abera

Early Learning Program Coordinator 
[email protected]

Nafkot Tola

Client Case Manager and Program Coordinator
[email protected]
(206) 354 - 4875

Ebsa Chefo

CEFS Program Manager 
[email protected]

Dehabe Hassan

Youth Development Program Coordinator
[email protected]
(206) 319 - 8684

Kidest Hailemariam  

Social Service Specialist

[email protected] 
(206) 354 - 1162

Helen Zegeye

Customer Support Specialist 
[email protected]